Deep calls to Deep
    I belong to Jesus
    I belong to Jesus

    S = Saved by the Saviour, our Messiah
    I = Indescribably beautiful made by the Great Creator
    L = Loved by the Holy One
    V = Valued highly by the High and Mighty God
    I = Immensely gifted by the Lord, our Provider
    A = Amazing daughter of the Heavenly Father

    You are all this because He loved you from the beginning you were created.
    He is your Saviour
    He is your Messiah
    He is your Creator
    He is your God
    He is your Lord
    He is your Provider
    He is your Father

    He is your Friend
    He is your Lover
    He is your Husband
    He is your Guide
    He is your Comforter
    He is your Teacher
    He is your Protector
    He is your Refuge
    He is your Guardian

    He is the Way you walk on, He is the Truth you believe, He is the Life you live.
    He is Your Alpha, He’s your Omega. From the beginning He’s with you till the end of time.
    He is always with you. With your family all the days of your life.




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